Beaten Down? Snap Them Up, Picker Says

Where some stock-market investors see losses, Eric Schoenstein sees discounts. His four-star Jensen Portfolio is up an average of 4.7 percent per year over the last three years, and he's singled out some stocks he finds exceptionally promising and very reasonably priced.


His first choice isAbbott Laboratories.

"We like it because it contains many of the characteristics we look for in sort of sustainable, long-term quality growth companies," he told CNBC. "One of the nice things about Abbott is that it's diversified beyond pharma into places like nutritionals, diagnostics, and medical devices."

Schoenstein finds Abbott doing well in all of its markets.

He also likes Praxair.

"Praxair is a terrific new company for us, in industrial-gas production, capitalizing on the infrastructure build-out around the globe," he said. "We think it's a terrific opportunity for the long term.

Also on his list is Procter & Gamble.


Schoenstein owns Abbott Laboratories, Praxair, and Procter & Gamble through his fund.