Stock Picker Gives Credit Where Credit Is Due

Joe Clark sounds like the businessman in "The Graduate," giving the young college grad one word of advice.

The word is "plastic."

"We now are caught in the muck of an economy that has some very, very strong areas, as well as some areas that are having some definite challenges," the founder and chief investment officer of the Financial Enhancement Group told CNBC. "What people have to do is separate the fact that there are some very good, sizable economies and areas to invest money in."


Clark likes the agriculture arena, even with its recent huge gains, but he's got an even better bet.

"If you liked MasterCard and Visa yesterday, you've got to like them today," he said. "The consumer is not going away; the gas prices do harm some people, but they're not stopping people from spending."


Disclosure information for Joe Clark was not immediately available.