Stop Trading!: Buy Biotech?

Market history may be repeating itself, Cramer said during Monday's Stop Trading!.

A trend that played out during the summer of 1990 seems to be making a return. Back then many big savings-and-loan banks were going under or suffering tremendous declines much in the same way the financials are today. And just as big-money investors shifted they're money into high-growth biotechnology techs 18 years go, Cramer pointed out it's happening again.

Gilead , Celgene , Amgen , Genentech all have turned up, he said, possibly in recognition that the third quarter could mark the recession.

"This makes sense when you consider the calendar in 1990 and where we are troughing," Cramer continued. It's most likely "a bet that the economy's really going to be soft."

"If it plays out the way it did in 1990," he said, "you've got a six-month move here."

Cramer named Gilead his favorite among the group even though it's the most highly valued stock in the cohort.

Switching to supermarkets, Cramer said that Kroger, a stock flirting with its 52-week high, is "not as bad as it used to be" thanks to strong management. Unlike most other businesses, Kroger has been able to use higher food inflation to increase its margins, something only steel companies had been able to do. Cramer said Kroger, like Costco , is a trade-down play as consumers spend less during tough economic times.

"I see money going into Kroger," he said. "I endorse that."

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