Are You Giving Up On GM? I Want To Know Why

GM auto dealership with sign.
GM auto dealership with sign.

With Shares of GM stock trading at 54 year lows, there's renewed talk about GM being in a slide it can't stop. I won't go that far. But this week could go down as one of the toughest in the company's 100 years.

So, the contrarian in me is wondering if it's a smart move for people to give up on GM? The company has plenty of reasons for people to be optimistic. Its latest models (The Chevy Malibu, Buick Enclave, Cadillac CTS) show that it's getting its act together on the product side. On the corporate side, it's moving quickly to shift production from trucks/SUVs to cars/crossovers and don't forget, in 2010, GM will cut it's costs dramatically.

Still, there are people out there who have thrown in the towel. They're giving up on GM for a whole host of reasons: inability to make money in North America, brands that many believe should be killed (HUMMER and Buick), and the feeling that GM vehicles still don't compete with Toyota. You may or may not buy those beliefs either for or against GM.

But that's why I'm asking you a very straightforward question. Do you still believe in GM? or have you given up on GM? Send me your e-mails and let me know why. Were you a loyal Pontiac owner who recently decided Toyotawas better? Or are you a lifelong Chevy man who can't wait to see the new Chevy Traverse crossover. I want to hear your stories. E-mail me and let know if you are standing by or throwing

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