India Web Stock: Log On Early!

Darren Chervitz has a stock play at the intersection of small caps, India and the Internet.

Chervitz is director of research and co-portfolio manager of the Jacob Internet Fund, rated four stars by Morningstar.

"It's a tricky time...[But] long-term, there are still a lot of opportunities," Chervitz told CNBC. However, he cautions investors to plan patiently before buying aggressively.

He recommended small-cap firm India.

"It's the leading independent Web portal in India," Chervitz said. "Google and Yahoo are there [in India] too," but Rediff enjoys local popularity.

And he sees "real long-term opportunity," as India's Internet market has only "grown mildly" compared to other rising market's like China's.

  • For his 2nd stock pick, watch the interview (2 mins, 37 secs)


Disclosure information was not immediately available for Chervitz or for his firm.