On the last day of the second quarter, the stock market dips into bear market territory as commodities rally.

The stock market ends the last day of the quarter flat to negative, the Dow checks in the 10th worst first half performance back to 1900, but commodities experience the best first half in 35 years.

Dow Gainers and Losers Year-to-Date:

The S&P 500 sectors end the last day of the second-quarter in mixed territory. The Energy sectors is the only positive group across the board, for the month, quarter and year.
Financials are down the most, losing almost 31% YTD.

Commodities rallied, as oil dominated the month and quarter, but coal is up 143% YTD, followed by natural gas up 78.44%.

The US dollar index has lost more than 5% this year against most major currencies, but is slightly positive for the quarter.