CNBC Top Videos of the Day: Merrill, MBIA & More

Monday marked the last day of a dismal second quarter and first half. Here are the day's video highlights.

Merrill & MBIA Inside Scoop

“There is sort of connectivity on what’s going on at MBIA right now and now at Merrill Lynch that they are really actively thinking of selling this BlackRock stake…I think first order of business, from what I understand, inside Merrill, is to sell the Blackrock stake to raise the money”

CNBC's Charlie Gasparino

Molson Coors & SAB Miller Create Joint Venture

“The headline of the merger of the two companies is a $500 million synergy target, and that’s really important in these days, not only to offset costs but to give us money to invest in our brands.”

Leo Kiely, Former Molson Coors CEO

Wilbur Ross on Distressed Opportunities

“I think it (oil) is a bubble in a couple of regards…there is clearly not a physical shortage. I think what’s changed is that oil has become a psychological commodity, sort of like gold has been for quite a while.”

Wilbur Ross, WL Ross & Co. CEO

Stop Trading: Biotech

“If it plays out the way it did in 1990, you’ve got a six-month move here. I really urge people to recognize that what’s happening here, is you’re seeing what groups people don’t want to see on their sheets – that’s obvious, it’s the banks – but you’re also seeing big bets being made for the third quarter, and this is the most visible bet, which is biotech.”

Mad Money's Jim Cramer

Maria's Market Message

"Chrysler will idle a minivan plant near St. Louis and also plans to cut production at other plants. The move comes as sales of larger vehicles in the U.S. continue to falter."

CNBC's Maria Bartiromo