The Comeback Mindset: Your Ultimate Playbook

Sooner or later we all hits the skids. It happens to everyone. At some point we all wind up with our backs against the wall and need to make a comeback. So how do we do it? Here's your final playbook for success!

Round 1: Your Plays
- The heart of resilience is optimism.
- When you are down, other people will write you off. don't let them define you.
- Get mad at those people saying you can't do it.. let it motivate you.

Round 2: Your Plays
- Allow yourself to feel bad for a little while
- Know exactly what you are trying to accomplish
- Sometimes you can learn from failure... sometimes you have to just write it off
- Think like a boxer... when folks think you're down and out, they'll leave you an opening for a counterpunch.

Round 3: Your Plays
- At the heart of every comeback is doing the right thing. Have the courage to make the ethical decision.
- Manage your darkest fears by doing something about it. Take action!
- Taking risks is a habit you can teach yourself by saying "What is one risk I can take today?"

Round 4: Your Plays
- Understand what got you to where you are. Stay true to your core.
- You have to stay focused and get past the denial of what got you in trouble

Donny and the panel break it down to give you their Ultimate Playbook: