Donny's Blog: Coming Back From Failure

Every night on The Big Idea I sit down with a wide range of successful people. Whether it’s a business titan, a celebrity or a successful entrepreneur, my focus always remains the same. I


don’t want to hear about all their home runs and their greatest achievements. They’re successful so I know there are plenty of those great stories. I want to hear about the struggles they endured, the obstacles they faced, the failures they experienced. I want to hear how they overcame the most difficult challenges in their life and achieved their dreams. Some of the most successful people I have talked to over the years say their biggest growth came from lessons they learned from their biggest failures.

Very often, you grow the most from handling your biggest failures in your hardest times. Certain failures, even if they are painful, even if they seem to be steps backward at the time, can often propel you twenty steps forward. Just remember, the difference between winners and losers is not whether they’ve faced a tragedy, a misfortune or an obstacle - it’s what they did NEXT that determines their success.

Were you faced with a difficult challenge on your road to success? I want to hear how you overcame it and made a comeback. Write me at