Some Commenting on No Blog Commenting

Okay, I'm going to address a slightly touchy subject for us here on the Web site. Comments.

Many of you would like to see comments on our blogs. Darren Rovell, our Sports Biz blogger, gets a lot of these requests. That's natural since sports blogs typically give a lot of opportunities for trash talk. But the rest of the blogging crew gets these requests as well.

We'd like to have comments on our blogs too. And we're working on it. But it is complicated.

One reason has to do with our technology. See my previous whining about that here. But it also has to do with the demands we'd have to place on our blog-commenting technology.

You see, we wouldn't allow raw commenting. This is, after all, a financial news site. We don't want anyone taking advantage of a forum to play hanky-panky with stocks and money. Also, some people have potty mouths or are just plain mean.

So we'd have to moderate the comments. And to do that in a cost-effective, non-labor intensive fashion takes some careful planning and technological work.

And such work has to be done in conjunction with a lot of other stuff on our to-do list -- some of which we felt was more important to do first. For instance, we can now cross off realtime quotes and move on to other things.

So bear with us. We'll get there. In the meantime, many of us bloggers here slog through your emails and try to give you a comment flavor from time to time.