Nadja Piatka - The NEXT Path To Success


Reading Donny's blog about comebacks, he says... It’s what they did NEXT that determines their success.

Here's my pointers on what's NEXT

N- Never say never to your dreams. As an in-debt unemployable single mother, the idea of owning an international food business sounded foolish and impossible. At my lowest point, I wrote down my lofty goals. I had no where to go but up. If you are going to dream, dream BIG because if you set low expectations, that's what you'll meet. I encourage every one to write down their goals. If you can't see the target, how are you going to hit it? It helps clearly define what you want and sets your subconscious into motion.

E- Expect to win! I used to visualize transport trucks carrying my products across the country and that picture has come true. When I used to get up in the morning to deliver my brownies and muffins to coffee shops, it was still dark. Transport trucks driving behind me would light up my rear view mirror with their headlights. I used to imagine they were hauling my products across the country, and now they do.

X- Xerox principle - Copy successful people you admire. The world is full of great examples. Study the best of the best. Study the best athletes and companies. There are lessons to be learned from studying the attitudes and actions of top performers. Watch The Big Idea and hear and see them!

T- Try your best. There is amazing ability and potential in each and everyone to achieve their dreams. Even when there are failures and disappointments and there quite often are - success may be just around the corner.

My other business started out as a huge failure. I had planned and worked hard and advertised and did everything I thought I could possibly do to make the first event the success I believed it could be. The first event only had 4 people booked. Two were contest winners coming for free. So actually, only two paying guests. I decided not to cancel the weekend and give the four ladies the best getaway weekend of their lives. The two paying guests never showed up so I spent the entire weekend event with the two contest winners. I'm glad I didn't give up because today I have partnered with the Fairmont Resorts and have five world wide destinations for the Ultimate Girls Getaway with hundreds of women attending.