Five-Star Stock Picks

Randy Bateman, chief investment officer of five-star-rated Huntington Funds, revealed his stock picks to CNBC.

Cullen/Frost Bankers : "If we're going to have any meaningful stock market move on the plus side, the banks are going to have to participate," Bateman said.

Cullen has been a leader in this sector by keeping of all its activities in Texas, a state that is actually benefiting from the hike in gas prices, Bateman said. On top of that, the stock offers a 3.5 percent yield from its dividend, he said.

Trimble Navigation: The electronic equipment company, which specializes in GPS equipment, "enhances productivity in every aspect of their business," Bateman said.

"If we've got a little bit of inflation starting to rise its ugly head, I think we're going to need to see as much productivity enhancement as we possibly can," he said.

He added that despite a volatile market, the company has performed particularly well in the past 12 months.


Disclosure information was not immediately available for Bateman or his company.