Make $$$ in Global Stocks

Scott Snyder says global markets still have plenty of upside potential.

The portfolio manager for the 5-star-rated ICON International Funds says too many investors are getting "overly emotional" and looking "month by month."

"We take a quantitative, 'non-emotional' approach. We try to latch on to 1- to 2-year industry themes," said Snyder.

Will a dollar bottom derail his globalist strategy? Perhaps eventually -- but it's not a worry yet: "Clearly, the long-term trend is to a stronger dollar...but we're not seeing it yet," he said.


Snyder likes Brazilian energy firm Petrobras , Germany-based insurance and financial giant Allianz and chemical firm K+S, which trades on the Berlin Stock Exchange under the ticker "SDF."


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Disclosure information was not immediately available for Snyder or for his company.