GM Proves It Still Has Some "Drive" When It Comes To Sales

General Motors
General Motors

Talk about throwing a curve to the experts. June auto sales shows that some people have been too quick to jump the gun and assume certain automakers would sell, or not sell.

GM: Talk about shoving it in the face of those who thought GM would fall behind Toyota. June sales dropped 8.3%, MUCH better than the 19% decline Wall Street predicted. This may be a testament to the power of GM's 0% for 72 hour sale. That promotion clearly had an impact, GM truck sales were down just 6 % while Toyota's truck sales were down 30% and Ford's dropped more than 20%

Lexus: What's up with a 21% plunge in sales? Are the well-to-do in this country pulling back? Questions for a brand that has traditionally had all the answers. I do think the economy has played a role in the drop of Lexus sales. But 21%? That smacks of a brand needing a jolt. Especially with sales this year down more then 10%.

Honda: These guys keep rolling while the economy is sliding. Sales up 13.8% in a down market. Impressive. Sure, you can say it's because of the Accord, Civic and Fit. Who cares. They are selling and that's all that matters.