Kendra Scott - Tips on Making That Big Sale

When asked about my biggest sale, I found it hard to pinpoint one experience. It is so difficult to gauge what merits my biggest sale as each sale has had a special effect on my personal and professional growth. My

journey started with selling my jewelry door-to-door with my 3 month old baby in a front carrier to now meeting with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. All of these experiences have allowed me to to be in so many different types of sales calls.

I love designing, it is my passion- I only hoped to find people that understood my passion for wanting to make jewelry that made a woman feel beautiful when she puts it on. I have learned a lot over the years and hope that a few of my tips may help you as well. Here a few tools that have been key in creating some of my "biggest" sales. Enjoy!

1.) DO YOUR HOMEWORK: In the age of Google and other search engines, it is now very easy to study up on who you are selling to. The more information you have, the better prepared you will be to sell. Know your competition. There are so many experts in any industry, you need to find out what sets you apart. Information is key to preparing for your sale.

2.) TAKE THE MEETING OFF-SITE: Plan your sale outside of the buyer's domain. I have learned that it is easy to get distracted when in their office. Not only are you in their environment where a million things can deter the attention of your audience, but you are probably sitting across a big desk - a silent barrier between you and your sale. I try to make the appointment off-site, a neutral zone for a more personal environment. I suggest going to a coffee shop, or at the least, in a conference room. This relieves the pressure from both ends, creating a common ground to get know each other.

3.) LISTEN: Get to know the buyer. Don't worry about the talking and the selling as much as understanding who you are selling to. Keep your eyes and ears open to learning about your buyer and their company. You might find out that you may not be selling the right thing. I have changed my pitch on numerous occasions because I have listened to my customer's needs. This is the time to adjust your sale before the deal goes through. At the end of the day you want the customer to be happy, then everyone wins!

4.) PERSONALIZE: Create more than a business relationship, get to really know your buyer, create a friendship. I have always been told to remember the little things - like birthdays, children's ages and names, and spouse's names. There are so many competitors in any industry, make yourself stand out. I also always write hand-written notes - not only after a meeting, but even to just say hello. I save the personalized notes that I have received from others in a folder, it is so rare to receive these gems. In today's world of electronic mail it is easy to delete an email or text, but a hand written note is tangible. The beauty of the pen and paper is a magical thing!

5.) BELIEVE: Believe not only in your product, but yourself. If you are passionate about what you are selling and believe in yourself, you will be successful! It's all about the passion - people want to feel what you are exuding. Passion translates into confidence. When you are confident about what you are selling, the buyer will feel confident about what they are buying.