Blockbuster’s Keyes Redeems Himself

Blockbuster’s James Keyes recently landed himself in Cramer’s Hall of Shame. Why? Because the CEO ruined his spectacular turnaround of that company by bidding for the ailing Circuit City .

Well, just last night Blockbuster withdrew its bid, sending up the stock and redeeming Keyes – at least in Cramer’s eyes. BBI was one of the few stocks that finished in positive territory on Wednesday, Cramer said, and “I think it’s going to go higher.”

Keyes is no longer a member of the hallowed Hall.

Yahoo!'s Jerry Yang, though, has risen in prominence among this exclusive Mad Money club. Cramer pushed Yang up a few notches to the number-one most hated CEO in the Hall of Shame. Yang’s rejection of Microsoft’s premium offer was just unforgivable.

“He really, really has hurt you,” Cramer said of Yang, “if you own Yahoo! stock. That guy is truly shameful.”

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