Alabama Restaurant Gives Boeing The "Finger" And Your Emails

Northrop Grumman and EADS want to assemble the KC-45 tanker in Mobile, Alabama--assuming the Air Force ever buys one. With Boeing successfully challenging that award, a Mobile restaurant called Foosackly's (what?) which specializes in chicken fingers is putting up billboards and selling T-shirts which say, "We would like to offer Boeing a Finger."


On my post showing the new Northrop ads depicting Boeing's KC-767 as a paper airplane, Phu H. writes:
"The ad is very interesting. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Last I checked Northrop/EADS have never delivered a tanker before. Maybe that should be pointed out to the chief Paul Meyer. Big deal that the boom had 100 test flights, but still can't refuel all airplanes."

From Joshua G:
"Why not do some real reporting here? The KC-45 is the real paper airplane. Boeing delivered two KC-767 tankers to Japan in February/March 2008. Boeing is building four KC-767s for Italy."

From Jerold L:
"I wonder if Trent Lott and others like him were lobbyists for EADS? Anyone interested in the Airbus A300 should read the 2004 U. S. National Transportation Safety Board report AAR0404 on American Airlines flight 587 crash on Nov. 12, 2001 and the 2007 Canada Transportation Safety Board final report A05F0047 on Canada Air Transat flight 961 rudder loss on March 6, 2005."

On Fake Jane's report touting the upside of the falling dollarafter WallStreetFighter showed the weaker a country's currency is, the hotter its women, Fred C. wondered:
"I'm trying to figure out the connection. Does this make American women 'cheaper' to, ah, rent by strong currency men? It gives a whole new meaning to the question, 'What have you got in your pants?' If Eliot had paid in Euros, he might have saved some money and not gotten caught. Just a thought."

From Jason J:
"I believe there is also a direct correlation to danger and hot ladies. Colombia is not the safest place to find a date."

Jason also wrote about the pop-up portable toilet Fake Jane raved about the other day.
"Poo in a box, the best website ever and honestly the most interesting way to go while on the go...This will be my standard gift moving forward. In the past it has been porcelain action figure Jesus (playing soccer, hoops, skiing, karate, etc.) from the Catholic church. 08 will be the year of brown."

He even found a similar product called "The Bumper Dumper" from "Uncle Booger." Nice.

From Frank K:
"Does little Jack know Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo from South Park?"

(Note from Jane: btw, I misspoke about the porta-pooper being able to hold 280 lbs of you know what. It can support a 280-lb. person without being crushed).

On the post about holistic circumcision (without the anesthesia) I heard from the "Mohel" himself:
"The part you omitted is that the traditional/holistic circumcision takes twenty seconds and the hospital/doctor circumcision takes 20 - 45 minutes. The use of a topical anesthetic or injectable on an eight day old baby is 'inappropriate and dangerous' (so said to me by the Chief of Anesthesiology of a major New York hospital whose son's Bris I performed.)

These products are not formulated, tested or approved for use on infants under six months and can result in severe, unanticipated reactions and even death (and not just in children)...anything that increases the discomfort to a baby or would endanger the child is prohibited by Jewish law. There is a better and safer way to circumcise.

Respectfully submitted,
Cantor Philip L. Sherman Mohel"

Finally, a shoutout to Beth Esposito for suggesting a new name for my weekly farm report:

"Here's my suggestion: (The New) Plantation Nation! If you pick my suggestion would you please just mention my name on air? It would really help bolster a marketing argument I'm currently having!!!"

Alas, Beth, no on-air reference, just online.

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