State Incentives for Energy Improvements

The federal energy tax credit expired for products put into service after the end of last year, but there are some new state incentives for energy efficient improvements. Here are some new incentives put out by various states. Not every state resident will qualify. For more information go to the Database of State Incentives For Renewable Energy:

Green wedding
Green wedding

Colorado - 20% rebate (up to $300) for increasing insulation and/or air sealing

Kentucky - 30% state income tax credit for installing energy-efficient appliances (including up to $250 for new central AC and $500 for HVAC systems

Minnesota - Low interest loans (fixed at 6%) for qualified energy efficient improvements

Missouri - $600- $1000 maximum rebate or incentive for duct sealing, insulation, and ENERGYSTAR qualified windows and doors, depending on the power company

New Jersey - Loans up to $20,000 or rebates up to $5,000 for energy efficient improvements