4-Star Manager: I Buy ALL Caps, All the Time

So where should an investor's dollar go: large-cap stocks, mid-caps, or small-caps? How about all three? That's what Ken Kam advises.

His all-cap 4-star Marketocracy Masters 100 went up 7.62 percent in the second quarter, and it's up an average of 11.22 percent per year over the last three years.

"We don't make big best on anything," Kam told CNBC. "We like to have a diversified portfolio that can still outperform the market...we have 198 stocks right now, and that's on the low side."


So which of those 198 stocks occupies the largest space in Kam's portfolio?

"Right now, the single largest position, and probably the best performer for the last quarter is Elan," he said. "It's about 6- 1/2 percent of the portfolio."

He also likes Bank of America and MasterCard.

"We like that stock," he said of MasterCard. "It tends to get sold off when the financials sell off, but MasterCard is really not in the same industry...they get paid every time you use your card, but they do not have any credit risk."

Kam says it's important to have money in oil.

"The supply and demand for oil has been out of balance for the last four years, and we've seen the impact of that in the oil price," he explained. "The value of...oil reserves is increasing faster than the revenues and earnings for most of these companies, particularly Occidental (Petroleum), which is our favorite oil and gas stock. They have the prime leases in Libya."


Disclosure information was not immediately available for Kam or for his fund.