Dr. John Eliot - Test Your Inner S.O.B.


Do you have an “edge” when it comes to business? To get ahead you’re going need one. The most important edge is confidence so Doc Eliot put together a quiz just for you, Donny’s viewers, to help you think through what real, successful confidence is all about.


(A) You feel great about yourself when:

1. You’re on vacation and you wake up to a beautiful, sunny day.
2. Your boss kisses your buns.
3. Your co-workers kiss your buns.
4. A project you're working on succeeds.
5. None of the above; you feel great about yourself whenever you want to.

(B) It's important to be careful not to become cocky or overconfident.

1. True.
2. False.

(C) When you are around colleagues, which rule of thumb do you follow:

1. Don't rock the boat. (And don't talk politics!)
2. Humility is a virtue.
3. Be a team player.
4. The group is only as good as I make it.

(D) You believe that your potential:

1. Can be credited to Mom & Dad's genes.
2. Will finally be revealed if you get the right opportunities.
3. Depends on the field you've studied in the most depth.
4. Is limitless.

(E) An exceptional resume for a business mogul includes:

1. An Ivy League degree.
2. Loads of endorsements (preferably from celebrity names!)
3. Experience as CEO of a Fortune 500.
4. Numerous leadership or humanitarian awards.
5. Clear examples of a bold conviction.

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Scoring Key

5-9 Time to really think about how the world—other people, circumstances, even the weather—affects your mindset. To be successful it’s vital to develop highly positive relationships across a large network of people, often from diverse backgrounds. But don’t confuse that with trying to get everyone to like you, which is effort that will hamstring your potential.

10-15 You’ve got good instincts, but you’re probably holding yourself back without realizing it. You likely may be what we call an “Overmotivated Underachiever”—someone who works much harder than he or she needs to, someone who spends too much time worrying about outcomes, personal opinions, and perfection. The good news: you’re close to a breakthrough and it doesn’t require extra hours at the office! All it will take is learning how to think a tad more efficiently.

16-20 Congratulations. You have what it takes to be great. You understand that doing something truly special requires moxy, confidence, and the ability to be in control of your mindset. As you can see from the higher scoring answers, an “Inner S.O.B.” is NOT someone who is a jerk or a bad person. What Doc Eliot means by S.O.B. is someone who has conviction to a great attitude and doesn’t let the world knock down that attitude.