Lightning Round: Stay Out of Financials

Here are Cramer's calls in Monday's Lightning Round.Mosaic
Be careful, that group got really overheated. It's time to ring the register. Cramer doesn't want people to get burned. He won't recommend fertilizer stocks. If he had to, Cramer's favorite would be Potash .

US Steel
The cyclicals are falling out of fashion a little bit. Cramer wants to be on the sidelines with steel for a couple of days until the trends are clear.

Procter & Gamble
Cramer has always been concerned that every Procter product he buys is done in plastic, which is big raw cost in energy. But, with a longer 18 month time horizon, Jim isn't betting against a great American company like P&G.

Bank of New York Mellon
Cramer reiterates he is NOT a buyer of any financials.

Petrohawk Energy
There is more pain to come with this one. Cramer recommends to wait a little bit before pulling the trigger again.

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