Focus on the Buying Habits of the Big Money Players

On tonight's show we came back to one of my favorite themes, that the idea of "the market" is at best unhelpful. You have to focus on what the big players in the market are buying and selling, and they almost always go by sector. That's why Jim so often uses the Wall Street as fashion show metaphor.

There isn't a herd of big institutional money managers buying "the market" and selling "the market." When we get a bear market like the one we have now, what you see is most of the big money guys selling most types of stocks or sectors. But they've got all that money to manage, they have to put it to work somewhere. No money manager is being paid to sit in cash, even if that's the most prudent thing to do.

That fact, that they have to buy something at some point, is what adds the extra juice to the series we're running this week on healthcare stocks, starting tonight with Genentech . This is the group that we think the big money guys will flock to, now that they're feeling like there are fewer and fewer places to turn.

And just as a side-note, historically, the stocks that we've recommended as part of a series have tended to do better on average than individually recommended stocks. That's why I'd pay attention to the next healthcare stocks Jim rolls out this week as part of our multi-part series on the one sector that's immunized against all the things that are hurting most other companies.

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