Square Enix Launches its First iPod Game

Japanese videogame maker Square Enix said on Tuesday it had launched its first game for Apple’s iPod, broadening its target hardware to the top-selling media player.

Square Enix, known for such blockbuster titles as "Final Fantasy" and "Kingdom Hearts," began offering the "Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes" roll-playing game this week in Apple's iTune store.

The game goes for $4.99 in the United States, 4.99 euros in Europe and 600 yen in Japan.

Unlike some iPod games, which are modified versions of mobile phone games, "Song Summoner" was developed exclusively for iPod and is designed to take advantage of the machine's functionality.

A game player picks a song stored in the iPod and the song determines the types and abilities of the fighters in the game, or "Tune Troopers." There is no sales target for the game, a Square Enix spokeswoman said.

Shares in Square Enix slipped 1.5 percent to 3,280 yen in late afternoon trade in Tokyo, outperforming the Nikkei average which fell 2.5 percent.