Top Global Agriculture Picks

In a time of rising food prices, investors should have agricultural stocks in their portfolios, Victor Badin, fund manager at Global Cap, said.

And China Farm Equipment, Bunge and Myriya Agro Holdings are among the most attractive of the bunch, Badin said.

China Farm Equipment, which produces, designs and manufactures harvesters, diesel engines and ploughs, is based in the biggest grain production region of the country.

"Farms in China need to modernize, need to mechanize … and the government is pushing in a big way for more investments in farming," Badin said on "Worldwide Exchange."

It will benefit from trading at a huge discount to the larger players such as AGCO and Deere , according to Badin.

Another good buy would be fertilizer company Bunge .

Its shares have see-sawed recently after it increased its guidance for 2008, as well acquiring Corn Product International, he said.

"Bunge is a huge global infrastructure play, they have ports, they have silos, they have enormous amounts of grain production capacity," Badin added.

Investing in companies that own land is another way to invest in the agriculture trend.

Companies such as Ukrainian farm company Mriya Agro Holding is attractive as it has some of the biggest farms in the Eastern European country.

It has approximately 100,000 hectares of cultivated land and achieves one of the highest yields per hectare due to recent investments, according to Badin.

The company also launched an initial public offering and listed in Germany recently. It plans to use the proceeds to invest in its business and increase its amount of cultivated land to one million hectares over the next four years.