Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference

Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett

Boutique media M&A bank Allen & Co. kicks of its annual Sun Valley, Idaho conference today and I'm on my way. Between now and Friday media moguls, bankers, startups CEOs, and even the Oracle of Omaha himself will gather in the beautiful resort town to discuss media, technology, philanthropy, and the economy.

It's a who's-who of top dogs, from Warren Buffett, to Bill Gates, to the CEOs of all the media companies. It's one of the most fun events I get to cover all year. Now I don't get to go into the sessions that Allen & Co. holds to discuss the top issues in the biz-- the organizers keep journalists outside the official events. But I do get to ambush everyone from Howard Stringer to John Malone.

Keep checking back this week for updates--last year Sergey Brin made news announcing that Google is definitively not interested in Facebook and Warren Buffett weighed in on the economy. I can't wait to see what startups emerge as hot takeover targets and what news breaks this year. Keep reading!

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