CNBC Top Videos of the Day: Pickens, Dimon & More

Oil prices fell again Tuesday, bringing it down more than $9 since Monday, while stocks rose. Following are the day's top five videos.

Pickens' Energy Plan

"I think the American people know something's wrong — they don't know exactly what's wrong. I'm going to explain the energy situation to them, and I'm going to give a solution for how we get out of the trap that we put ourselves in, and I want to elevate this into the presidential debate."

— Boone Pickens, BP Capital CEO

Lockhart on Fannie and Freddie

"I think it's important to realize that they've raised over $20 billion over the last six or seven months, which is probably almost twice the losses they've had. So they've been raising capital to be able to buy mortgages and securitize them."

— James Lockhart, Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight director

Jamie Dimon on the Economy

"I think we have to be mature. And mature to me means, you can't run a trade deficit for eight years and think you're not going to have a weak dollar. You can't have no oil policy and think you're not going to have volatile oil prices ... We [as citizens] have to actually say 'we want these things changed, now let's set up a process [so we can] get them.' "

— Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase chairman and CEO

Stop Trading! Cramer on Alternative Energy

"There's a big bunch of orders coming to Texas for wind ... There's also some absolutely terrific orders coming from California for solar soon."

Mad Money's Jim Cramer

Maria's Market Message

"On the economic front, pending home sales in May dropping by 4.7 pecent, much larger than the 2.8 percent decline economists were expecting. The index is now down 14 percent from last May."

CNBC's Melissa Francis