Stocks That Gain on Hurricanes

As the hurricane season draws near, James Altucher, founder of stockpickr.com, sees great opportunities for investors.

Altucher claims to have scanned every single stock in the S&P after each major hurricane and says that every one of the following four stocks were up.


Hill Rom -– “They make a lot of furniture and software for hospitals and do well after a hurricane.”

Campbell Soup -– “People are evacuated to the school gym after a hurricane and they have to eat something. Of all the food companies, Campbell Soup raised guidance. They just announced that they are buying back $1.2 billion worth of stock. So this is a good company.”

Toro Company -– “They have been hit because of the housing industry, but they have been growing huge overseas. They just announced a $4 million share buyback. They have gone up after every single hurricane. Besides, people need landscaping after a hurricane!”

Nucor -– “We’re only halfway there in terms of the whole steel boom and the infrastructure boom -- and after each hurricane, everyone needs steel to rebuild.”


Disclosure information for James Altucher was not immediately available.