Stock Picks: Word To the Ys (Part III)

They may be young, but members of Generation Y can profit from the stocks of some older companies, according to Ralph Shive of First Source Investment Advisors.

His themes include emerging market growth, consumer staples, and strong prospects for prosperity for those with long time horizons -- like Generation Y.

"They're companies where we're confident enough about the stability of the business, that (they're) something you can own and make money with, from the dividend and price appreciation," Shive told CNBC.


His first pick is Archer Daniels Midland.

"They are truly a global supplier of the basic food ingredients," he said. "We think they do a very good job of -- no pun intended -- squeezing the margin out of corn, delivering commodities, creating higher-value products."

He also likes International Paper.

"Paper, pulp; we need them, and it's a global market," he said. "We think the company is setting up for some very powerful earnings in two to three years."

Third on his list is Verizon, which he sees as a defensive play, moving forward with mobile communications and text messaging: an oligopoly with good pricing power.


Disclosure information for Ralph Shive was not immediately available.