Screaming Stock Buys for Gen Y's

For investors under the age of 30 — those who fit into the category commonly referred to as Generation Y — long-term investment opportunities abound. But how do you make the right choices? Here are some long-term stock picks made by some of our CNBC analysts:

  • Global stocks are a strong addition to the Gen Y investor's portofolio, according to James Moffett chairman of Scout Investment Advisors. Full Story
  • You may be young, but you can profit from the stocks of some older companies, according to Ralph Shive of First Source Investment Advisors. Full Story
  • When deciding where and when to invest, think about the time horizon, according to Bob Sullivan of Satuit Capital Management. Full Story
  • Technology and textiles offer some unique opportunities for investors, according to Romeo Dator of U.S. Global Investors. Full Story

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