Too Many Depots for NASCAR's Tony Stewart?

Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart

So word is that NASCAR driver Tony Stewart is leaving Gibbs Racing and moving to Haas Racing, where he will be part owner. The NASCAR community is buzzing that Stewart would go from a "have" team to a relative "have not." You know what I'm buzzing about?

The fact that Stewart's new primary sponsorship will reportedly be Office Depot .

As NASCAR fans know, Home Depot (no business relation) has been sponsoring Stewart since 1999. So the fact that the other Depot might now be his sponsor is just, at least to me, downright confusing.

It's a little bit better than Stewart driving a Lowe'scar (Lowe's is of course a competitor of HD), but I can't imagine Office Depot will get the bang for the buck that any other company can because of the Depot part.

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