With Financials, Damage Control is Key

At this point, I can't even count the number of stories we've done about the rot in the financials, the possibility that a large bank or two might fail and the need for the Federal Government to take action. Jim has been beating the drum on this issue for eons, longer than anybody else on the public stage I can think of and he has been consistently right where the graybeards, like Ben Bernanke, have either been wrong--as he was when he spent the bulk of 2007 worrying about inflation--or done too little too late, as when he finally started cutting rates aggressively, but not soon enough to forestall the current crisis.

I say all this not to suck up to my boss, but because Jim's discussion of the financials on last night's show was not the same old song he's been singing since the famous "They know nothing rant!" on Stop Trading!. We weren't talking about the Feds taking action to stop banks from failing. We were talking about the Feds taking preemptive action to make sure that when a large bank potentially starts to go under, and as you heard last night Jim seems to think the probability of this is pretty high-- maybe it'll be Wachovia , or Washington Mutual , or Bank of America choking on its acquisition of Countrywide, or even Citigroup , there will be a buyer ready to merge with it and stop a wholesale bank failure, like the Fed orchestrated JP Morgan takeover of the drowning Bear Stearns.

In other words, we're no longer talking about prevention here, we're talking about damage control. Now I'm sure this change in tone happened before yesterday, but it's something I just picked up on and thought was worth bringing to your attention.

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