Lightning Round: Solar, Crushed Rock, Energy and Retail

Here are Cramer's calls for Wednesday's Lightning Round.

Lucy in Illinois - Evergreen Solar
The only solar company Jim is staying with is First Solar... maybe if Obama gets into office. It's just too speculative.

Carl in Oregon - Johnson Controls
JTI is the best house in a horrible neighborhood. But Jim can't stand automotive and can't recommend it. Don't Buy! Sell Sell Sell!

Robert in Alabama - Gran Tierra
"I like Energy." Last week we said energy was too hot & it's time to get out, and the griddle is still too hot. Maybe soon, but not with natural gas down the way it is. Don't Buy!

Matt in Colorado - Office Depot
"I do not like retail". We even insisted that Sears wouldn't work anymore. Perhaps Costco is worth owning. You don't want Retail, Autos or Airlines right now.

Jeff in North Carolina - Martin Marietta
"I like crushed rock." But too closely linked to residential housing. Being down on banks, housing, autos, airlines, retail doesn't leave a lot on a day like today, but stay away.

Joann in California - Exxon
About to rerecommend this, but not yet. Momentum stocks are about to get hammered. Don't Buy!

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