Am I Diversified?

Dan from Illinois asks: Am I Diversified? My top 5 stocks are:

Apple, Goldman Sachs, Petrobras , Visa, and Valero.

Cramer answers: You should be down to a quarter position in Apple. Goldman Sachs is beating me up, but you gotta hold it. Petrobras is going to be the world's largest oil company, but Valero is also an energy company, and Visa is a financial stock. Not diversified! Sell Visa and buy a drug company, exit Valero for Heinz in a food play.


Joseph from El Paso asks: Am I Diversified? My top 5 stocks are:

Deere, El Paso, Quanta Services, Yamana, and Freeport-McMoRan.

Cramer answers: Yamana is my favorite gold play. Wind is big, and Quanta is the biggest installer of wind turbines. But with Freeport and Yamana, there's too much gold. Not Diversified! Pick one and stick with it.

You've got to diversify to not lose as much as the other guy.

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