Five-Star Picks: Fuel and Fertilizer

It's been an awful week for stocks, but Evan Smith insists it's a perfect time to buy.

His five-star U.S. Global Investors fund is up an impressive average of 42.73 percent over the last five years, and even shows a 5.77 percent gain year-to-date.

Stocks are not all he's bullish on, either.

"We're still favorable on a long-term cycle for commodities, oil, base metals, basic materials, as the infrastructure build-out in emerging markets is continuing to consume these materials," he told CNBC. "We think that will continue well into the future."

So what about stocks?


Topping his list are a couple of oil-related stocks, exploration and development company BPZ Energy and Hornbeck Offshore, which provides oilfield supplies and transportation.

"This company has tremendous metrics," he said of BPZ. "I just toured their properties last week in northern Peru; outstanding management team, large acreage package, and they're doing wonderful things down there."

He also likes fertilizer producer Potash.

"Potash has been a tremendous performer," he said. "The fertilizer business, on a global basis, is in outstanding shape. I think the stock sees at least 50 percent upside from here."


Disclosure information for Evan Smith was not immediately available.