Long Buys: Gen Y Stocks (Pt. 4)

Generation Y has some unique investment opportunities around the world, according to James Moffett.

The chairman of Scout Investment Advisors singles out companies based in Ireland, Brazil, and Finland as major opportunities for younger investors with longer time horizons.


Moffett's list begins with Anglo-Irish Bank.

"They're a sound, old-fashioned bank, in the sense that their credit culture is good, they look for collateral and cash flow on their loans, and so far, their earnings have held up," he told CNBC. "They're available at four times earnings."

He also likes Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer.

"They're making more planes and...their earnings are expected to be up this year," he said. "That's where the action is in the aircraft business: The regional jets that are flying nonstop point-to-point, as opposed to the bigger jets doing hub-and-spoke."

And last, but not least, there is Nokia, the global giant of mobile communications.

"That's your basic cell-phone company," he said. "They keep coming through with new products...their earnings are coming through...they're at 12 times earnings, which for them is a historically cheap P/E ratio."


Disclosure information for James Moffett was not immediately available.