James Patterson & The Google Gurus


Little, Brown and Company’s fall catalog just came in and among its offerings is a first for the writing machine otherwise known as James Patterson. This industry – oops, I mean author, has sold more than 150 million books to the tune of more than $1.5 billion. NOW – he’s written his first NON-fiction story, “Against Medical Advice.”

His success is (sorry) no mystery. The man who created Alex Cross has created an unbelievable business model:

The official Patterson website boasts of holding the New York Times bestsellers list of records with 39 titles and that in 2007 he was responsible for one out of every 15 hardcover novels.

His entertainment empire, James Patterson Entertainment includes books, movies, a TV series and videogames.

The former head of J. Walter Thompson is such a trailblazer they even did a case study of him at the Harvard Business School.

Forbes Magazine ranks him as #58 in its latest “100 Most Powerful Celebrities” issue reporting his 2007 earnings at $50 Million.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Patterson’s first “true story” plays with his fans – but even more interesting to watch how he grows his company.

Little, Brown and Company is part of the French conglomerate Lagardere SCA (LGDDF:OTC)

A Love For Lobes!


Author and journalist Richard L. Brandt has signed with Portfolio to write “INSIDE LARRY'S AND SERGEY'S BRAINS.”

The book will be out this fall and it’s the latest brainchild of the publishers who are hoping to grow a series about brilliant business thinkers. Just this past spring Portfolio released “INSIDE STEVE’S BRAINS” by Leander Kahney – “Steve” is of course Steve Jobs.

Other titles in the works include:

"INSIDE DRUCKER'S BRAIN" by Jeffrey Krames due October 08 (Peter Drucker)

"INSIDE RUPERT'S BRAIN" by Paul La Monica due March 09 (Rupert Murdoch)

Portfolio’s Will Weisser tells me so far the series is getting good attention and people like the small size (he’s talking about the size of the books – not the size of the brains)

Portfolio is an imprint of Penguin part of the Pearson media empire (NYSE PSO)