Stop Trading: Cramer Agreeing with Bill Poole??? Dick Fuld Needs to Spend $1M. And Again: Financials No, Healthcare Yes

Another sign of the Apocalypse? Cramer agrees with Bill Poole's predictions involving Freddie Mac's and Fannie Mae's insolvency and where they are headed, but thought it imprudent the way he spoke about it -- "pulling the carpet" out from under them and hindering their ability to recapitalize. Cramer's opinion: put Freddie + Sallie under the fold of federal governance -- end their existence as private equities and make them over them into government agencies.

Meanwhile, Lehman, after a break, is down around 18%. Cramer strongly feels Dick Fuld needs to "step up to the plate" and buy a massive amount of shares -- a million to start with, he says -- as a vote of confidence. The man has enough money to do so, according to Cramer. By booting its CFO Erin Callan, the company's public face, he lost Jim's confidence and probably that of many shareholders as well.

So what, in the current roller coaster market, can make money the most reliably? According to Cramer, the only thing working is, again, healthcare. It's far too early to say financials have bottomed, as some on the street say. Keep away from them for now, says Jim.

On the theme of financials, tune into tonight's Mad Money, a special show focusing on Wachovia and its current problems.

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