Fake Jane Outlasts Fake Steve

Fake Jane came into this world last year as an homage to web-phenom Fake Steve Jobs. FSJ expressed the sort of blunt, egomaniacal opinions some believe the real CEO of Apple would say if he was being honest. For all I know, the real Steve Jobs really does call Microsoft "The Borg," but even if he doesn't, Fake Steve was fun to read, even after being "outed" as, well, a fake. Now, FSJ is gone. Here's his final post.

The man who created Fake Steve, writer Daniel Lyons, is leaving to write under his own name. He's also selling a collection of the best Fake Steve blogs as a book called "The Secret Dairy of Steve Jobs."

But these musings cannot be contained in merely one book (natch). There's the smaller, less expensive version for a mere $25 for losers. For diehard fans, Lyons is publishing a larger tome going for as much as $70. Hey, that's only a third of the price of the new, cheaper, Apple 3G iPhone.

Wouldn't it be great if Real Steve Jobs secretly started a Fake Dan Lyons blog and poured into it all the vengeance Fake Steve unleashed against Wozor "Monkey Boy"? Namaste that.

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