Thoughts For The Weekend

Will the Defense Department ever be able to award a major contract without being challenged? (By the way, I misspoke yesterday on the Boeing and Northrop Grumman tanker update--RFP stands for "Request for Proposal".)

--Is the Government Accountability Office now, in essence, in control of major military acquisition decisions because the Pentagon feels it has to follow the GAO's lead?

--Has the Air Force tanker saga become the military version of Charles Dickens' "Bleak House," about a lawsuit that never ends?

--Does anyone really think that Freddie and Fanniewill go down and take the U.S. mortgage market down with it?

--Did anyone suspect the new AppleiPhone might be in trouble when Steve Jobs didn't even have one a month ago to hold up as a demo when he "unveiled" it?

--Will I look back on this week in 18 months and say, "Why didn't I buy some S&P 500 ETFs in July?" (I can't buy individual stocks or bonds as an employee of CNBC.)

--Can I make more money selling Fake Jane merchandise? Will CNBC claim she's their property?

Honey, pour me another margarita because I need it.

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