Best Trades Now: Financials, Medical Suppliers & More

To give investors an edge in this volatile market environment, CNBC asked the experts for their best trades now.

Playing Whisper Numbers

"They’re [Harley Davidson ] what we consider a ten-day earnings reactor, meaning within ten days we’re going to see the most price movement for this company… Textron is also a company that reports on the 17th, which is this week. They’re a 20-day reactor so within 20 days when they beat the whisper number we’re expecting a 6.8 percent price move, but when they miss it, a 0 percent move. So there’s no downside… Google is what we call a high risk momentum reactor.”

- John Scherr, founder

Sector Spotlight: Medical Supplies

“We really love the orthopedic market right now. It’s got about, in the United States, about five points of unit growth. Hospitals are making a lot of money on these procedures…So this should be a high single-digit market for the long term.

- Bruce Nudell, UBS Senior Research Analyst

Zimmer , Stryker, Abbott, Smith & Nephew , Johnson & Johnson , Medtronic

'Good to Go' Financials

"Get out of utilities, buy MasterCard and Visa, the consumers are good to go, and don't forget about Brazil."

- Joe Clark, Financial Enhancement Group

Clark also likes: Volt Information Sciences

Thinking Small

“Smaller more value-oriented stocks tend to be a little bit more economically sensitive. They actually started to head down last summer. And just like they led us down, I think they will start to lead us to positive territory as soon as this recover begins.”

- Eric Nelson, Burns Advisory Group Chief Investment Strategist