Inside Intel

Ahead of earnings investors are wondering whether to jump on Intel . Where’s this tech engine headed?

Lehman analyst Tim Luke is mostly bullish on the stock. “I think this is one of the more resilient names in a clearly challenging market," he says on Fast Money. “It should outperform in both semis and in broader technology. I think their guidance will be in-line.”

Luke believes that Intel has a few key things going for them.

"They do relatively little business in the U.S." (A larger chunk of their business is in markets that are still growing such as Asia and emerging markets.)

"And they're also taking share from competitor Advanced Micro Devices, and they've entered a new market."

In June Intel debuted the new Atomchips for low-cost laptops. The introduction drew accolades from analysts and investors who see low-cost laptops - or "netbooks" - as a high-growth product segment especially in emerging markets.

So how should you trade?

"I think there’s a lot of negativity priced in and on a relative basis there should be support around $18.50," Tim Luke tells the Fast Money traders. "But upside isn’t much beyond $23.”

"The holiday season is going to be tough, he adds. But because of their balance sheet, their strong competitive position and their emerging markets exposure, Intel is a relatively better name."

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