Scheduling Collisions: Bush vs. Bernanke

One of the things I think is kinda neat about our Web site is our ability to stream live news events to you.

That was a dilemma this morning. The White House suddenly decided to do a President Bush press conference at the same time Fed Chief Ben Bernanke was supposed to start his congressional testimony.

But it's that kind of choice that drives TV news directors nuts. Which one to go with? That's when you start really having to take audience differences and economic circumstances to heart. A lot of general news services would take the President. But business audiences are probably more inclined to hear what Bernanke has to say.

We're a one-stream pony, so we dedicated that to Bernanke. In the meantime, we wrote up Bush's comments lickety-split.

Still, I wish they would schedule these collisions. I wish there was mysterious conspiracy theory to explain it. I have a feeling it's just one hand not paying attention to what the other was doing. Hmmm ... does that bode well for economic planning?