CPI: Where Costs are Rising

Today's Consumer Price Index (CPI) data follows yesterday's disappointing PPI. The 1.1% rise in the month of June is the biggest one month rise since September 2005 and the biggest year over year increase since 1991. Excluding volatile food and energy prices, the CPI rose 0.3%.

080716 CPI.jpg

Here is a break down of where costs are rising the most.

  • All items: 1.1% for the month, 5% Year over Year
    • Core CPI (Ex Food and Energy): .3% for the month, 2.4% Year over Year
    • Food: .8% for the month, 5.3% Year over Year
    • Energy: 6.6% for the month, 24.4% Year over Year
    • Housing: .5% for the month, 3.5% Year over Year
    • Apparel: .1% for the month, -.2% Year over Year
    • Transportation: 3.8% for the month, 11.4% Year over Year
    • Medical Care: .2% for the month, 4.0% Year over Year
    • Recreation: .2% for the month, 1.3% Year over Year
    • Education: .5% for the month, 3.4% Year over Year

Today, eyes will look back to Fed Chairman Bernanke who will continue his semi-annual testimony. In the premarkets, the disappointing economic data was offset by good earnings from Intel and Wells Fargo .

Leading the S&P on the open are Wells Fargo, WaMu , Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae .