Best Trades Now: Healthcare, Energy & More

To give investors an edge, CNBC asked the experts for their best stock picks now.

Healthcare Plays

On the healthcare side, some of the names we’re buying right now, we’re seeing value in Perriggo, which is a generic over-the-counter drug maker, like Baxter, like Medtronic, like Wyeth and a lot of the biotechs, names like Cephalon are looking very good to us right now.

- Ed Sheidlower, Bryce Capital Management

Betting on Energy

I like the refiners…I think they’ve just been sold off completely.

There’s Tesoro -- eight refineries, it’s got a $2 billion market cap, you can’t build them in the United States…I think you can make some good money in refiners here.

- Gregory Church, Church Capital Management

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Long-Term Plays

Canadian Oil Sands has been a tremendous performer, really driven by the oil-price performance the last several years. Others, like Pfizer, have been a little bit tougher, a little bit more of a long-term value play, with the creation of new drugs there over time."

- Edward Perks, Franklin Income Fund

Perks also likes: AT&T, Intel and Dominion Resources