Play the Coming Oil/Materials Drop

Looking for a good stock investment? Jay Bowen of Bowen, Haines & Co. says you should seek out companies that would benefit from falling raw-materials and oil prices.

"Several industries have been faced with rising raw material costs, because of the over 100 percent increase in oil over the last year," Bowen told CNBC. "I think it's a constructive time to ask, 'What industries are going to benefit if that becomes a tailwind instead of a headwind?' The diversified chemical industry would certainly qualify."


At the top of that list is DuPont.

"They've got their traditional chemical businesses, but also are involved in some very interesting growth areas," he said. "They continue to transform from a traditional chemical company to more of a high-tech science-oriented company; they're involved in agriculture and biotechnology."

He recommends BASF in the diversified chemical space -- and also recommends drug retailer Walgreen because of its historically low valuation.


Disclosure information for Jay Bowen was not immediately available.