Tankers, Blimps And The "Gay Top Gun"


I’ve got to stop talking about IndyMac and the banking crisis. Time to move back to the Air Force tanker crisis involving Boeing and Northrop Grumman.

As I got home from DAY 3 of "THE INDYMAC BANK RUN" I finally got a chance to open up this week’s Aviation Week (aka “Aviation Leak”) which has an interview with Boeing CEO Jim McNerney.

Reporter Joseph Anselmo asks McNerney what Boeing would do if Northrop Grumman/EADS wins the tanker contract a second time. McNerney tells him, "As a defense contractor that wants the best for our country, we would have to live with it.” Oh really? Well, that's not quite all McNerney says. “Congress and other elements out there also have a voice in this decision," he tells Anselmo. "You’d have to ask them what their view would be.”

Beyond the tanker, the most unusual news out of Boeingthis month is the deal it has struck with Skyhook International to build a dirigible to transport heavy cargo.

Pretty wild. But not as wild as this video purporting to show Lockheed Martin's top secret Skunk Works testing a "P-791" a couple years back. The thing looks like a blimped-out version of the Michelin Man.

I could watch this video all day. Love the music. Very "Top Gun." Which reminded me of my other favorite YouTube video involving the defense industry: Quentin Tarantino’s “Gay Top Gun.” If you've never seen it, be warned. You’ll never view the Tom Cruise movie the same way again, and Tarantino drops more F-bombs than an angry IndyMac depositor.

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