Five Warning Signs Your Spouse May Be Holding You Back


1. FINANCIAL/EMOTIONAL GUILT: Saying that you work too hard and don’t get paid enough, or to "stop killing yourself." Hearing "You love work more than me"

2. DISINTEREST: Downplaying your work role as though many other things are more important.

3. WORK INTERFERENCE: Getting in the way of your work schedule... excessively saying “Don’t work” even saying "lets go on vacation" - even going out to eat or saying "don’t work late" when you have other responsibilities

4. LACK OF INTIMACY: The spouse isn’t interested in making you feel loved and wanted, which can be devastating to one's ego and, in turn, self-destruct success

5. BELITTLING CAREER TO AND IN FRONT OF OTHERS: Negative responses to work. Again, putting down self-worth and thereby reducing motivation