Six Roles That Can Help Promote Spousal Success


Mike Michalowicz has compiled a list of specific roles that spouses can fill in order to help promote their husband or wife's success. What role can you fill to make sure the partnership reaches its fullest potential?

1. THE WINGMAN – Networking is a key to success, and social events with both spouses are “make or break” situations. For example, if a guy says “I can’t believe that guys wife, she is a total witch”…his future opportunities will be compromised. But a successful wingman will make the gossip non-existent and encourage future deals.

2. THE INTERROGATOR —Spouse asks questions of their spouse and challenges them to make better decisions.

3. THE CHEERLEADER —Opposite of the interrogator. This person tells the spouse everything they do is right. It’s actually not good to have unconditional support. Sometimes you need to have someone ground you in reality.

4. THE SECRETARY —When that late night call comes in and serious matters are on the table, the spouse needs to be ready to help. Possibly navigating calls, and doing the behind the scenes dirty work.

5. THE INFLUENCER —The spouse who positions themselves as a know-it-all, influencing business deals (no one wants to do deals, where the spouse is influencing decisions be hind the scene).

6. THE COOK —Whoever is at home, needs to make sure the entrepreneur is getting their meals. Yes, they should be able to fend for themselves, but it often is junk food. And a bad diet, begets bad performance. Sounds so simple, but keep healthy food flowing and performance increases.