Today's Top Videos: Wachovia, Microsoft & More

Regulators investigate Wachovia, high-end homes go to auction, and Microsoft misses its earnings forecast. Following are today's top videos:

Microsoft's Earnings Analysis

"That's a little bit of a surprise. The street was at 47 cents. You've got to wonder why Microsoft was able to increase its revenues so significantly—$15.8 billion ahead of the $15 billion that some on the street were anticipating. And they're unable to translate that down to the bottom line."

--Jim Goldman, CNBC's Tech Check

Trump On Economy, Oil and Real Estate

“Well this is not an economy that can double up taxes, therefore I’m for McCain. You cannot double up taxes. You want to see a bad economy…we are in a major recession and the last thing this country needs is doubling up of taxes. Therefore I am for McCain.

--Donald Trump, Trump Organization, Chairman and CEO

Regulators Investigate Wachovia Headquarters

“We have learned that state security regulators, ten of them, showed up at the St. Louis headquarters of Wachovia today in order to investigate the firm’s sales and marketing practices when it comes to these auction rates securities…Missouri’s secretary of state has also subpoenaed more than a dozen Wachovia securities agents and executives seeking more information about the sale of auction rate securities.”

--Melissa Lee, CNBC's Business News

Stop Trading, Listen to Cramer!

“Alternative energy north of one hundred is just too valuable not to think of, and wind power is 4 cents a kilowatt, and here we have the Texas Public Utility Commission basically endorsing the largest wind play in the history of America. Four billion dollars worth of contracts coming and I think that everything wind is going to get a multi-day move even with oil going down.”

--Jim Cramer, CNBC's Mad Money

Multi-Million Dollar Homes On The Block

“It’s a relatively new process for high-end homes, but in a market like today’s, when homes like this are becoming harder and harder to sell on the open market, it’s really gaining ground.”

--Rebecca Jarvis, CNBC's Realty Check