IBM "Feels Goods" - The Rest of the Techs Do Not

It wasn’t great after the close. Merrill had losses greater than expected, Google missed, Microsoft missed. Only IBM beat and says they "feel good" about the full year outlook. All trading down after the close.

As for Merrill, writedowns of $9.7 billion, as well as earnings well below expectations (loss of $4.95), was disappointing but perhaps not surprising. Already, some are arguing that this was the kitchen sink quarter (but some said that about the last quarter).

As for techs, traders note that there has been less focus on that sector, because everyone is still in the process of unwinding the Long Energy/Short Financials trade. These numbers will reinforce the bear position that we are in a poor market for tech.

How bad is this cumulatively? Futures are down, but not dramatically--we closed at 1253.4, now trading at 1248.

Two points about tomorrow: Citigroup in the morning will be the key stock of the day, and remember that tomorrow is an options expiration

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